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Election fraud including Stephen Harper's win, investigated. For heaven sake, don't let the Opposition drop the ball on this inquiry.

BC Mary Comment: As a former resident of a Gulf Island (17 years), I always felt suspicious of Gary Lunn's last re-election. Then a Refo-o-orm Party M.P. and highly unpopular on Pender Island, it was a mystery how he could have won his 3rd and last election -- running against highly regarded Briony Penn. ... later there was an investigation which turned up secret offices in Sidney, B.C., busily accepting donations as well as turning out robot-calls giving out wrongful advice.

Now Saanich & The Islands is well represented by Elizabeth May. It never made sense to me that smart people capable of choosing to vote for Briony or Elizabeth May would ever opt instead for Lunn whose nasty letter to me, for example, denounced the very idea of a Public Broadcaster (CBC) (in response to my letter wishing him well (OK, so I lied) and saying I thought he might like to hear from Islanders who had different views from his about CBC. See May vs. Lunn in Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Read about the Stephen Harper saga HERE. Same old story. Apparently they haven't read the memo yet.




Did not Harper campaign on election day? He was on a Calgary radio station.

I don't know for sure? I thought campaigning on election day, was forbidden.

What was the hold-up of bringing the robocall deception forward at once?

We heard about the robocalls, right after the election. I had read this on an American site as well.

Even the fact Harper had an American working for him, didn't ring any bell's either.
As Montreal Simon said...Where did that young staffer get the only call only, the opposition peoples homes?

A young staffer wouldn't have access to those names...Unless he was given them, from much higher up.

This sounds like another pasty deal, just as Campbell's was.
I went to the Elections Canada website to learn the process for making a complaint, and discovered that they're looking for a new Commissioner. Doesn't this sound familiar? Kind of Craig-Jamesian?

CBC postings up until yesterday (Feb. 24) stated that William Corbett is the Commissioner; I wonder what's up with that.

Send your message to all party leaders about your concern for democracy in light of these robocalls at .To this point,today Feb.28 there are more than 30,000 people that have done so, already. Does this not appear to be illegitimate voter representation to a (?) government? This appears to be illegal and possible criminal activity against Elections Canada; let alone canadian voters.
The very fact that there were no repercussions to the malfeasance in Saanich Gulf Islands in that election confirms that one can get away with it.

The stench still lingers because of it.
The new BC logo adopted by Premier Campbell is pure Freemasonry.

The golden arch, the sun is like an eye at the top of the pyramid / mountain.

The colors are also Freemason blue and yellow.

147 Masonic lodges in BC - Bob
Sad news for the many friends of B. C. Mary...
It is very hard to tell you this, and I am sorry to do it this way, but you need to know that my dear mother passed away in her sleep early on the morning of March 3, 2012. She is deeply missed by her family and I will forward more information as it becomes available.

Goodbye Mary.

Have a safe journey home.

I love you very much.
Goodbye Mary you will be missed by many British Columbians.I loved your blog, very infomative.

I am saddened indeed, but on the other hand so glad I at least had the chance to get to know your mom and work with her for awhile.

If you want to post anything on the front page send it to me at

and I can see that it is published.

You and Jake and Allan are in my thoughts and heart this week
Goodbye Mary. I'm going to miss you dearly.
Thank you for posting this Nadina, we loved her too. My deepest sympathies to your family.
Condolences to you and the rest of your family Nadina. Your mother did a great job of " shining the light" and she will indeed be missed.
Condolences to you and the rest of your family Nadina. Your mother did a great job of " shining the light" and she will indeed be missed.
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