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So the next BC Election campaign has begun. BC Rail, sound your horns!

By BC Mary
February 2, 2012

Been thinking. On reading more about the NDP winning the next provincial election. Is this true? I doubt it, if people aren't paying attention.

I'm thinking that this election campaign is only the starting gun for the race to destroy the NDP.  I am not a member of the New Democratic Party, nor do I advocate for them; in fact they're mad at me for what I say about them, and especially about the King of their Do-Nothing Team, Leonard Krog of Nanaimo.

But what I'm thinking is that a team which does nothing is better than a team which does damage and which uncaringly inflicts terrible damage as if it's an everyday chore. (BC Rail wasn't sold, it was only leased for 960 years, supposedly for $1Billion which we don't know for sure if it was paid, right? And BC Hydro is forced to buy electricity it doesn't need, at double the going rate, so it will become bankrupt therefore an easy sale, right? Both those huge corporations were in public ownership earning the province good revenue, so what's wrong with that?)

Watch when a new government opens the files to show the people of BC the actual BC Rail deal Gordon Campbell made with his favourite fund-raiser and bidder, CN. The attacks will begin right there, direct, mano a mano, the Corporations against the New BC Government. It's been creepily quiet, for example: any news of what our new High Commissioner to the United Kingdom is doing in his fancy digs on Trafalgar Square with his hundreds of helpers at Canada's (Harper's) expense. Watch for a sudden flush of "newz" showing us how, single-handed, our Gordo pulled off the Summer Olympics in London, England, and the next BC political campaign will build from there.

A new B.C. government will first of all, do a bit of housekeeping.  At that point, rest assured, if the NDP is elected to the next 4 years governing BC, it won't be the people who attack them,


it will be the corporations who attack whatever the NDP tries to do. I mean that, whatever they try to do. The LINOs achieved this kind of control because the media got lazy or worse, and failed to inform the public of both sides of the battles.

My prediction is that the big corporations actively supporting the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark party will simply continue the election campaign against the NDP ... and passionately, desperately against any effort to clean up the BC Government.

Granted, it won't be easy but I suggest that the voters and general public gear up for the fight, remembering that our next war will be direct, head-to-head bashing: us against the corporations' interference.

Either that, or BC is no longer a democratic society, and probably never would be a democratic society again.

That's what I got to thinking while caught up in a day of chemo-therapy and 2 days of travel.  And I couldn't help but think how wonderful it is that I could still be part of this blog, talking to others who care about someday leaving this beautiful BC and what it would be like for our future kids growing up in a corrupted B.C.

 I've always promised you that this wouldn't turn into a political blog, promoting one politician over another. I intend to keep that promise, with the exception of what I consider the culprit party (even a fake party) which was called "LINO" because it is Liberal In Name Only. (They have even damaged the Liberal name.) No party could be so tightly aligned with BIG business, without being a virtual puppet of one or the other big businesses; in this case, CN Railway. There's a reason they call it "railroading".

And in my view, while CN has received improved profits following the takeover of BC Rail, it has never served British Columbia in the same vital way as we had with BC Rail. In my view, B.C., has become virtual road-kill, to be tossed aside whenever the really important stuff like coal needs to be rushed to the nearest seaport. Or ignored when boxcars are needed.

My prediction is that the big corporations actively supporting the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark party will simply continue the campaign ... against the NDP ... and against any effort to clean up the BC Government. 

Maybe, next time, we could vote for the party which will look after British Columbia better.  W.A.C. Bennett may have been the last B.C. premier who understood that this serves the people best. Bennet made his mistakes (never forget how he protected his Forest Minister,  Robert Somers, who was eventually jailed for accepting bribes in return for Forest Licences in the Clayoquot Sound  -- BIG business!). But Bennett also made huge leaps of imagination (BC Rail, BC Hydro, etc.). Or, was this a clever ploy to keep both factions happy?

I'm thinking that British Columbia needs a NEW government of whatever suits. All I'm sayin' is that the LINO Party has demonstrated in spades, what we don't need and God help us, never did need. It took the painful loss of BC Rail, and now if we aren't super-careful, BC Hydro, to show us what happens when Big Business is put in charge, without having to wear a curb bit with public hands holding tight to the reins.

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I'd like to know if that evil bunch of Public Servants at the Public Affairs Bureau will have their slates wiped clean? or will they be accountable for the official lies they have told as if "news" from real people?

Especially what about their future. Will they be replaced? They will change their tune, right? ... Right???

If Harper is a Reformer. What about the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals? Campbell works for Harper. Harper's Conservative henchman Boessenkool, is in BC to run Christy and lobby for Enbridge again? Are they all Reformers?

What about the BC Conservatives? Are they real Conservatives, or are they Reformers too?

I guess...I will try and vote for the politician, that has told the least amount of lies.
WAC Bennett, the best Socialist BC ever had.


I like and accept what you said. W.A.C. seemed to understand the British Columbian in an unfortunately secretive way which I dislike ... but when you take the long view back in time even just to those two huge wealth-creating public infrastructures, BC Rail and BC Hydro, he pulled them together before people had time to think (complain) ... and there, for how many generations? they brought stability and revenue to this province.

When the PABsters are howling about how terrible life was, is, and ever shall be under a New Democrat regime, I wonder don't they ever think of what B.C. under Mike Harcourt achieved with the ALR Agricultural Land Reserve, with ICBC the Insurance Corporation of BC and such.

Anonymous 4:26,

I wish I could answer your questions, but who knows what lurks in the hearts of politicians. I think the LINO party in the 21st century carries many tell-tale indicators of the Preston Manning style. Stephen Harper was Best Boy to Manning. Is he Conservative? Only insofar as he cheated a real Progressive Conservative out of his job ... what do you think?
Actually it was Dave Barrett and his NDP Government the brought in the Agriculture land act,ICBC, the Ambulance service and a host of other measures that are still going today.
His was a very progressive Government that hit the ground running and did all of this and more in less than four years.
Harcourt, in my view, was a left leaning LiberalConservative who masqueraded as an NDPer.

A million thanks for correcting my bad mistake.

Dave Barrett deserves full credit for all that.

Guess Harcourt looms a bit larger for me, as he spent a lot of time at his 2nd home which was on "my" island - Pender Island. We'd often bump into Harcourt on the early morning ferry heading for Swartz Bay and he made "government" seem so easy as he'd stop for a chat.

But then, Dave Barrett had that same "we're all in this together" attitude too.

Thanks again, CGHZD.
Maybe we should all write to our MLA's and MP's more often. Who knows, they might even figure out that they ought to work for the salaries and represent their constituents ?????

Anyway, here are a couple of local email adresses that should come in handy - to let our "bimbo premier" know what you think of her efforts :-)

Chances are only a helper or an assistant will see the message, but like the ads for lotteries say - ya never know !!!

Let us all get a bit more vocal and let them "barstdids" know what you think of them !!!

Oooooops - sorry, I forgot to add



" "

"it will be the corporations who attack whatever the NDP tries to do. I mean that, whatever they try to do. The LINOs achieved this kind of control because the media got lazy or worse, and failed to inform the public of both sides of the battles."

This would merely be a replay of what they did to Dave Barrett, he was under constant attack by the corps, the Lamestream Media and Wall Street. I feel like I live in a colder version of Central America and Campbell/Clark/Harper/Wall Street/Bay Street and Howe Street are funding Contras against the 99% and democracy to the advantage of the criminal and pirate greedbags of the 1%.
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