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Suggestion: Why not try a Public Inquiry into BC Rail's slide from public ownership into private pockets?

Another review won't stop B.C. Liberals' slide in polls

By Michael Smyth

The Province - Feb. 9, 2012


Christy Clark is right to be "frustrated" with a screwed-up justice system that allows criminals to walk free because of clogged-up courts, at a time when the crime rate is dropping.

"It just doesn't add up," the premier lamented Wednesday, as she launched yet another review into another broken branch of her government.

But something else didn't add up, and that was Clark's claim that this is the first review of the B.C. justice system in 20 years.

Sure enough, a quick Google search explained my nagging feeling of déjà vu: the "B.C. Justice Review Task Force" was launched in 2002.

A co-operative effort by the government, judges and lawyers, this earlier review covered much of the same ground Clark's new review will plow again: backlogs, delays, access and cost control.

"The number of new criminal cases coming into the court system is decreasing, but the number of court hours is not decreasing at the same rate," the task force was told in a report three years ago, in a line Clark essentially parroted on Wednesday.

The point is: These are not new problems, and the government has had over a decade in power to deal with them. So why the sudden urgency on a file that's been festering for years? Politics.

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Christy, what's your view on why it took so long for Basi and Virk in the court system (years), and then your government pretty well stopping it in its tracks; shut er down?
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