Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Terrible news comes on Fridays

And this is no exception, says BC Mary.

B.C. businessmen welcome Gordon Campbell's return

The Province - February 7, 2012

The former premier returns to BC this week to talk to the Vancouver Board of Trade about his London job and the troubled European economy. He may have been run out of town on a rail, but BC's prodigal son is returning for the first time — and tickets ... See all stories on this topic »  

[Or is that Vancouver Province running for cover? - M.]


I hope there is a, nice welcoming committee set up to greet Campbell. Don't the BC people owe Campbell that much, for the way he lied, deceived and thieved BC to the bare bones?

Or perhaps, an Occupy would be great way to greet Campbell. What a pity Campbell's partner in crime Harper, is doing his usual b.s. and kissing China's butt. Harper had a hissy fit, when Obama delayed the Keystone pipeline. So vindictive little Stevie, ran right straight to China.

Sorry, my contempt is showing. The dirty duo of Harper and Campbell, turns my stomach.

I wonder if they will sneak the OBC, and present it to Campbell, at his usual full of b.s. type speech?

Hmmm. Sounds like Campbell is leaving his wife Nancy in England??? There was no mention of Nancy accompanying Gordon, on this trip to see her grandchildren.
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