Sunday, March 25, 2012


Mea Culpa,
.......My Bad, Sorry to all you friends of Mary's Blog.

I couldn't understand why there were so few comments, expecting their notifications to appear in my mailbox. Alas, I forgot that the last time Mary returned to take over her blog for awhile, I stopped the process of receiving notifications of comments at my mail, and I don't check Mary's mail.

Anyway, thanks to Grant Gough who e-mailed me about three comments of his, I went and looked in the comment folders, both spam and the real stuff (sometimes they get mixed up, but the spam is generally in Cyrillic characters these days) and will update the notification process so anyone commenting can expect to see their comments appear in a more timely fashion now. I released about thirty to forty on various postings, so if you've been wondering why you weren't published, you probably are now.

Sorry for the hold-up..........(kc)

Thank you, Kootcoot. I have tears in my eyes as I write this but I believe she would tell me to stop - that she is alive & well - just 'ditched' her failing 'house' on earth. She will continue to work her 'magic' & powerful will to right the wrongs re: BC RAIL.

I just posted the following on CBC & hope that they will post it (

BC MARY you earned your 'wings' on the 'Other Side' as a good person who did so much for British Columbia and your family.

I want to call you Queen of BC Rail. You are credited with being the most thought provoking, Leader on all things BC RAIL. You energized thousands of us with your powerful words of wisdom & encouragement as you methodically exposed & analyzed the stealing of BC RAIL by the Campbell Circle of Bandits.

You are doing more than fine - it is us that are left to grieve. I was deeply saddened to here that you had to leave but know that you are still VERY much with us. Your countless fans & friends must share this feeling. I have no doubt that you are now wielding far more power than we can all imagine!!!

Yesterday I couldn't help but think of how you must be beaming with the unfolding events that will lead not only to the demise of the Campbell/Clark Gang but the FULL & OPEN TRUTH about HOW & WHO were involved in the STEALING OF OUR BC RAIL.

I have every belief that you had a hand in the voice of John van Dongen finally finding HIS voice & ethical voice.

Keep up the good work BC MARY & we will do our share left behind to battle & clean the People's House with your BLOG with YOUR boundless energy & integrity as our rallying point:

We love you BC MARY!
Koot if you get this comment I got a message saying that this site needs a "different Google Maps API key" & a new one can be generated
I downloaded some documentation on the API Key issue, but haven't gotten around to figuring out what they are about. It seems that if you just click OK, everything performs as normal.

It is disgraceful what an arrogant self promoting BC Blogger is saying about Mary today, but not unexpected considering the source. Thank you for you thoughts.....I miss Mary so much myself that I haven't really been able to write about her loss yet.
I completely understand, Koot. I felt the same way - my fingers couldn't translate my sorrow UNTIL the right time my emotions came together with the events yesterday.

You are such a great friend to Mary along with Professor Mathews. You all resonate with integrity. I thought the world of Mary.

'The Queen of BC Rail' will be so thrilled that you & Robin et al are flowing with her Blog keeping the synergy of change headed in the justice direction.
Could not say it better Secondlook, I come here and I feel Mary is here, and she would be elated of what has been going on recently ;)
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